Introducing: Community Support Desk

Hey Common Voice Global Community !

I would like to introduce a new Community Support Desk !

The Community Support desk is for community queries such as understanding requesting new languages, creating community campaign ideas and more.

The sessions are hosted on Zoom, as they currently have subtitle services. The sessions aim to be suplimentary to discourse and existing activities people use to ask for support.

Please note I can’t give legal advice in this session but can raise questions with Mozilla Legal.

You can attend by checking the available sessions on the new Global Common Voice Community Calendar.

If you don’t have a google account please feel free to email me at and I can email you the calendar invitations.

I hope to you see you there !


Community support desk is a great idea! Beside Zoom meetings, having a dedicated team of volunteers that are willing to help and support current and new coming languages would be good.
For an average person who is interested in adding a language, the entry requirement is still high for them.
Community support desk could support on the following issues:

  1. Website localization.
  2. QA of sentences (this is technical including writing shell scripts).
  3. Actively bringing in new languages, by directly contacting native speakers and local organisations. We could have a task to target specific regions in the globe. Make an effort to contact locals there and bring them in.

Hey Daniel, thanks so much for the feedback.

I really like the ideas you suggested. If you are up for it please feel free to come to one of the sessions so we can build and improve the idea.

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Ok, I will be there.

Hey Yall if anyone is attending the community support desk session for 10am UTC today, I have had to push this back by 30 minutes, as I left my charger for my laptop :upside_down_face: -> More details about the community support desk here: Introducing: Community Support Desk

Sorry, I missed the meeting!
I am occupied with the local events for Common Voice.

no worries, I will follow up via email

Looking forward for the next Zoom meeting on Thursday.

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Awesome, are coming to the first or second session ?

I’m coming to the first session.

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