Introducing the India Group Identities Pilot

The India communities are passionate and inspiring. Mozilla is deeply invested in ensuring that the Indian communities are healthy and successful over both short and long time.

In the short term that involves supporting ongoing community projects by connecting them to relevant resources and people from inside and beyond Mozilla (staff, volunteers, external experts).

In the long-term that means looking at the 7 themes and identifying how to design modern unified experiences that create healthy impactful communities.

Recognizing Mozilla Group Identities
The first theme in the Mission Driven Mozillians project is Group Identities.

The goal of the Group Identities project: is to create a process to recognize the various ways that people organize and connect around Mozilla’s work and mission in groups. To be successful this process must emphasizes inclusivity and provide people the freedom to create and manage structures that reflect their interests and identities.

By creating a unified way to recognize community groups we’ll be able to better support, recognize and supercharge the amazing work that’s already happening.

How will this project work?

Phase 1 - Gathering Insights (End of February)

  • Community Bridges: Sukhmani and I will be building on the insights gathered in 2017 by hosting a survey along with conversations with groups and individuals to better understand the formal and informal challenges, and opportunities around how groups currently work in India. Join the conversation by attending the first Community Call (details below)!

Phase 2 - Understanding Challenges (Mid March)

  • From these insights Konstantina, Ruben and I will work together to create a short description of the issues that need to be addressed by a process for recognizing groups at Mozilla. This will be shared to everyone for feedback and Input.

Phase 3 - Pilot the Process

  • From this feedback the same team will design a process that seeks to solve the issues described in the problem statement. We’ll get feedback on the process through a combination of soliciting feedback and, depending on what the process is, trying it out with a small group of volunteers. We’ll be looking for volunteers to join and give feedback as part of the pilot!

Phase 4 - Iteration & Expansion

  • Based on the feedback and the results of the pilot we’ll start to build formal structures and tools around the new process and inviting more and more communities to use it to register their group with Mozilla.

How You Can Get Involved
Sukhmani and I will be sharing more detailed plans in the very first Community Open Call that will be held on Thursday, February 22nd from 9 - 10pm IST on Vidyo, follow this link. Lucy and Ruben will be joining the call!

You can view the agenda here, with all relevant details on the top. The call will also be recorded and notes will be shared afterwards.

Community Open Calls
Will be held once a month and serve as a space for important announcements, conversations with experts, staff and community on specific issues/topics/campaigns. These Calls will be recorded and the notes shared with everyone.

We will be sharing regular updates on discourse and telegram.

Stay tuned!
Mrinalini & Sukhmani

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*Indian community. FTFY

Ruben and I can dive into this in the community open call today but from the strategy research we understand that there are communities in India that hold identities separate from or within the “Indian community”. It’s one of the areas this pilot will be exploring through questions like:

  • What are the group identities people currently hold?
  • How do they or do they not fit together?

Because we want to make sure everyone sees themselves in this pilot @nukeador and I made that deliberate adjustment to the wording of this post.

Thanks for your comment, I have added this in our agenda for the Community Call today. As @lucyeoh has mentioned her and @nukeador will be discussing the point on “Indian Communities”.

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So, as research reflected the reality that the community is fragmented, you’re addressing all the communities. I agree.

But I do want to say that it doesn’t count as reason to reinforce fragmentation.

We will be getting more insights through this pilot to understand the situation, words like “fragmentation” can have a negative meaning and I would avoid any assumptions until there is full clarity on how people are working.

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