Introduction to Add-on Development

( Tim) #30

I would love to see a lot more detail about initial development and “signing lifecycle” for developing an add-on.

I am new to add-on development, and as far as I can tell, I have to get an add-on signed even if I just want to run/test locally. Is that correct?

I had node installed, and installed JPM. Did a JPM INIT and created a shell/empty extension. Great so far…

I execute JPM RUN and it says my empty extension is disabled and not verified. Same with JPM TEST. Click on the link and it discusses signing…

So, I look at JPM SIGN. Eventually figure out that I need to go get tokens. Get those and JPM SIGN fails: figure out there’s an annoying issue with timezone and Windows in signing. Work around that and get my XPI file…

Execute JPM RUN again and I still get the disabled and could not be verified. However, if I open the XPI file directly, it works…

What am I doing wrong? For every time I want to effectively build my extension, do I need to get it signed?

Where is a walkthrough?

(Jorge) #31

There isn’t a walkthrough for JPM, but you can use this method to test your restartless add-ons in Firefox. Even better, you can also move to the WebExtensions API.

There are other ways to run unsigned add-ons, which are listed on this page. I don’t know if there’s a way to make jpm run work with them.

( Tim) #32

Thank you Jorgev; I will investigate those options. As side notes:

  • I’m creating a side-bar add-on, so I’m pretty sure I can’t use the WebExtensions API, at least yet (please let me know if I’m wrong).

  • I’ve tried some of the techniques such as setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false, but since I’m using 48, I don’t think that specific technique will work.

(Jorge) #33

That’s correct. There’s a bug filed for it, but no real progress so far.

You would need to use the unbranded builds, also explained in the wiki. It’s best/easiest to do your testing in Developer Edition, though.

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Thanks for the post. I am looking for a good tutorial on reading input from HTML panel, store and retrieve the input. e.g. user entered list in the script. What are the possible ways to do this?

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I joined the tb-mailing list but that seems to have died now and maildev digest has taken it’s place but there seems to be no more help for tb developers. I read just recently that legacy non bootstrapped extensions are not to be supported so I looked around and there is NO help that I can see that is accessible to upgrade a legacy non bootstrapped extension to a restartless one. I would really love to see one basic example of each type… one on changing the main display and one on changing the messaging display. I looked through a stack of addons and MOST are not restartless. It seems that addons are really not supported any more.

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