Iridium block feature help

(Anthonymcdevitt91) #1

I’ve used YouTube Plus for years now and absolutely love the addon. I recently Switched to Iridium with the new YouTube layout, and I still love it. However I recently ran into an issue with the block feature. I’m not sure if this was in YouTube Plus as well, but in the top left corner of every thumbnail is a small X button to block a video. It blocks that channel from showing up in search or suggested videos and removes it from your history.

I do like the feature. It helps fine tune my suggested content. However, I accidentally blocked a channel that I watch a lot and enjoy very much. I can’t find anything in the options to edit the list of blocked channels. Luckily I was able to uninstall the addon and reinstall it. That set everything to default, and my channel was now back.

So is there a way to better handle this in the future? I don’t want to have to reinstall the addon every time this happens. Also, is there a better forum I should use to get help? I wasn’t able to find any such forum and thought this one might either help me figure out the problem or at least point me to the correct forum.

(Anthonymcdevitt91) #2

Ok, nvm. I feel like an idiot now. So on the main page of the options window, or the general tab, at the bottom is a section labeled blacklist. Underneath is a button “edit” that let’s you, well, edit the blacklist.

Problem solved…