Enhancer for YouTube is gone


What is the reason this add-on was removed? It used to be spotlighted at https://blog.mozilla.org/en/products/firefox/enhancer-for-youtube/


Good question!
You don’t see every day “Recommended” addon being removed from the store.
From what I can see in the Chrome store reviews page, a lot of people complains that it doesn’t work anymore.

But it works fine for me (I think I use only the video speed-up function).

It would be really useful if the AMO page wrote the removing reason (like author removed it).

The extension is partially broken, but occasionally works, first opening a video page does nothing, but after clicking on channel page then go back to the previous page, the extensions will start working just fine, as long that the YT video isn’t randomly buffering to a black screen while you are watching it, which completely disabling some features such as volume booster, video filters, and anything else that modify the player.

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@megakarlach I can’t reproduce this locally - the last version that I still have downloaded on my Firefox is working correctly on each page load.

Seems the previous versions is gone too :frowning:

weird, but this was tested using Waterfox G6.0.5 (which is based off Firefox 115 ESR). The extension itself is proprietary so there’s no easy way to obtain it.

Edit: for some reasons, my other PC and my Laptop, with that same browser, same extension version (2.0.121), still have the extension loads fine, while my main Gaming PC won’t load until I click on the channel page (or the next video) then go back to previous page.

My guess would be that Google “asked” Mozilla to remove it, but it can also be what @megakarlach said in the first reply

That’s unlikely as the same addon still exists in the Google owned Chrome web-store.

Most likely the author wanted to avoid spam of negative reviews until the situation with partially broken YouTube is resolved.

Author can temporarily hide his addon in the developer hub:

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is there any similar alternative out there? assuming the extension is gone for good that is

Distribution of Enhancer for YouTube™ temporarily stopped!
Due to the massive changes that the YouTube developers have made, Enhancer for YouTube™ is now completely broken for Firefox (partially works for Chromium based browsers). A huge amount of work is necessary to fix all the issues so I had to pause its distribution for Firefox. Don’t expect a new version to be released in the upcoming days. Please do not contact me for an estimated date of release, I don’t have one.



Yea, even tho it’s said completely broken on Firefox, it’s still works fine for me, but it had to be manually activated by clicking on channel page (or by clicking on next video) while you are currently watching the video. This will stay permanent unless I opened a video in new tab, which I had to do all of this again.

However on my 2 other PCs, the extensions still works out of the box without doing any steps that I did for my main gaming PC, same YT account, same browser versions (Waterfox G6.0.5), probably has to do with browser cache or something.

Looks like the issues above that I get only appears when the “Block Ad” feature on Enhancer on YouTube is disabled. When that was disabled, the extension will be also temporarily disabled until you click on anything (like channel page), then go back to previous page, the extension will work again. If the Block Ad feature was enabled in Enhancer for YT, the extension might work out of the box, but the YT adblock message will shown.

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Keeping the “Block Ad” feature off in Enhancer and using uBlock Origin in combination with Enhancer works well for me.

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I’ve found the app works for everything I use it for - speed, volume, setting resolution, toggling endscreens etc. But - even though I don’t use the ad blocker, and have it turned off in the settings, For the last week YouTube has given me the AdBlock warning - EVEN THOUGH IT IS DISABLED. So I have to disable Enhancer until that false detection is fixed or worked around.

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It’s so sad it’s gone.

It worked perfectly fine for me. Had to reinstall my OS. Accidentally deleted part of my firefox profile.
Lost this addon, really loved it for so many things that WORKED. It worked. It worked and it’s gone and now I have the big sad :frowning:

Please put it back somewhere. Even if it works just a bit :cry:

You can download latest version 2.0.121 from the WebArchive, but it’s not so straightforward, so follow these steps:

  1. open http://web.archive.org/web/20231025053857/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/enhancer-for-youtube/

  2. right click “Download file”

  3. in the context menu select “Save Link As…”

  4. this will download “enhancer_for_youtube-2.0.121.xpi” file

  5. open “about:addons” page and click the gear icon in the corner and select “Install Add-on from File…”


Thanks!!! :heart_eyes:

It works peeerfectly !!!

Can we use all the extensions that are removed from Mozilla from external source? Like if we able to get download pack so can we use open developer option to install these extension or we can use chrome store for that? is it safe option?

To install extension outside the store, it needs to be signed by Mozilla (all addons in store are signed, even after they are removed), and it must be NOT present on the “malware list”. If the addon is removed due to serious policy violation, it will be marked as malware and removed from existing devices.

Your Firefox will not allow you to install addon that’s not signed, even if it’s not coming from store.

Regarding extensions in Chrome store, they are not directly installable to Firefox.

Adding to what @juraj.masiar said. Should also note that on Developer edition, Nightly, and many Firefox forks signiture verification can be bypassed by turning it off in the about:config by toggling the flag xpinstall.signatures.required to false.

Malware list can also be bypassed as well but that’s not recommended and can be dangerous, can be done by changing extensions.blocklist.enabled to false. Though if you do this you’re at risk by malicious extensions which have already been flagged.