Is Google Translate ™ addon official?

It’s said by by Google Addons. I think anyone could write that. Is it really them? I was looking for a way to contact Google about that, but couldn’t figure where to and unlikely they left a way - such a fat company. May be I could ask Mozilla somehow? Of course Google’s addon going to know what sites I use and track the location - I think no more, it’s ok I suppose. I considered other such addons, but they all (including this one) isn’t checked by Mozilla yet.

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I would say 99.999% no.
And creating account names like this should be prohibited because it’s obviously confusing users.

Also addon itself looks very suspicious - addon name same as original Google service, no description, too broad permission, created only 6 weeks ago (addon and the author), too many users after this short time…

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The code is nearly identical to the Recommended extension but there is some request filtering code in the background script translate.js and other minor changes.

In addition to objections to the author name being misleading, this ID in manifest.json is not good – no one should use @ AMO unless they are AMO:

"id": ""


Hey ya’ll, thanks for bringing this up. We’re looking into it.

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