Is it possible to upload an "in-between" version?

I have recently changed the minimum required browser-version (“strict_min_version”) for my xIFr extension.

1.x versions of the extension are compatible with Firefox 56+, but 2.x versions are limited to Firefox 78+.

Today I released a bugfix version 2.0.1. But I know similar bugs are present in version 1.8.0. What happens if I upload an version 1.8.1 compatible with Firefox 56+? Will AMO and/or browsers get confused, or will it work like I hope so users with Ff78+ are unaffected, but users with older browsers gets their extension updated?

One of the bugs is that I do a lot of console-logging from the extension. Logging that is meant to be turned off in the release versions. I don’t think it is very popular to have extensive logging in your extension, so I would like to fix it.

It seems I have some users of my extension using older “Firefox-versions” (Actually most of them are probably Waterfox users).

Hi @stig! This is a rare case and unfortunately we’re not sure if it can be done. It might be possible and the correct versions should be served if you specifically set a min_version on the modern versions to exclude older clients from using it.

If that works, though, that will show up as the “latest version” on your extension’s AMO listing page. You might want to push another “new” version afterwards.

But as I mentioned before, we’re not sure this will work at all. Unless it’s a really important fix, we’re not sure you should try to make it work.

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Okay, I’ll give it a second thought before I eventually do anything.
And if I decide to give it a try, I’ll make sure I have a new 2.x ready also to upload afterwards.

Hi again

So I tried… Uploaded a version 1.8.1 compatible with Firefox 56+ to AMO, and as soon as it was approved I uploaded a version 2.0.2 being compatible with Firefox 78+.
When updating addons in latest Firefox version, xIFr is updated to version 2.0.2.
And when updating in an Firefox 56 based “Waterfox Classic”, xIFr is updated to version 1.8.1.
Thanks @caitlin. It seems mission has succeed :slight_smile:

Hi @caitlin
Did my operation break something anyway, or is something generally not working on AMO right now?
I just added a version 2.1.0, but browsers with 2.0.2 installed will not update when I do a “Check for updates”?

UPDATE: One of the browsers suddenly did it by itself. So maybe it is only manually triggering addon updates that doesn’t work?

UPDATE 2: And an hour or two later I was able to trigger update manually on the other browser that wouldn’t do it at first. So maybe all issues are gone now…

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Sorry @stig, I was out on PTO when you posted this! How is it going with updates?

Hi @caitlin
Thanks for asking. I think everything is fine now. Issues in my previous comment was probably just some short temporary and unrelated hiccups.

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