Using new webextension API

(lllusion3418) #1

I changed my extension to use a new webextension feature (bugzilla) which means that it’s only compatible with Firefox 62 and upwards. I’m now wondering how I’m supposed to publish it since I still want users to be able to easily use the old version.

One way would be to make my extension backwards-compatible, i.e. to fall back to the old behaviour. To implement this I would need some (preferably documented and reliable) way of testing this feature’s availability. Do I test for the Firefox version? If so, how? (I couldn’t find anything) (e: oops, found it) Though I would prefer if this wasn’t necessary.

The other way would be if AMO were to offer the new version only to browsers that actually fulfill the strict_min_version requirements and use the old version otherwise (it doesn’t lack any features).

(jscher2000) #2

What if you branch between your old code and your new code based on the version number you can derive from:

Whoops, just realized you have a parenthetical about that.

Why isn’t that best? You can continue with one sequence of versions rather than potentially having to maintain an ESR-compatible second sequence as you make other improvements.