Is there a way to do an addon automatic update from AMO version to self version?

Currently we have users using the AMO version of the addon, and the next version is self hosted. Is there a way to avoid to ask users to do manual update?

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As an user of LastPass add-on, I’m tired of rejecting their poorly implemented self-update prompt. I’m reluctant to do manual update either.
Best of luck, I hope you will be able to do it right without losing user base.

As a matter of policy, we don’t allow users of listed versions to be automatically migrated to self-hosted versions. You can show some kind of messaging in the listed version so users are aware and can install it on their own, though.

Hi Jorgev, six months ago we were invited to host our addon …

So the listed addon is downloable from our website and no longer from the store. Now we have our first real self-hosted version and we are looking for a way to do an automatic update from the no-longer-listed version to the self-hosted version.

I see. That doesn’t change my answer, though. It’s not possible to automatically switch those users over.

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Last pass will be asking sync create a new account 2 login:-) not with recapcha password I saved automatically.