Is there a way to remove the warning from the search bar telling me a extension has done something to my tab

I have recently started using a addon called “New Tab Tools” which can alter your “New Tab” area by adding a customized wallpaper and your own select “Tiles” for specific websites.

I only downloaded and starting using the “Addon” so I could change my wallpaper so my customized theme and wallpaper could match. I don’t need the “Tiles” area since I use bookmarks.

So what I want to try and do is remove the warning inside the search bar area. Because it dose not look to good with the nice background and theme I am using it just to clunky. It has a puzzle piece next to it.

All extension pages have their information in the Site Identity area of the address bar. There is no officially supported way to hide or remove that. However, you can modify that area using custom style rules in a userChrome.css file. For example:

More info on userChrome.css: