Someone is killing firefox

Firefox used to be the best alternative to Chrome, Safari and Edge, well
it was until last year, for me things started to go bad in march 2020.

First I couldn’t log into my bank account with Firefox anymore. Called
the support, they tolded me retry with Chrome and that solved the issue!
I used Firefox with my bank account for the past 8 years then suddenly I
coudn’t anymore.

Then I noticed Firefox launching was lagging tremendously so I went in
memory use and noticed the huge amount of memory used by Firefox.
Firefox never lagged before march 2020, that started about at same time
when Firefox started to offer themes and pushed clients to create an
I had moved to Firefox exactlly for the same reason Chrome was starting
to lag enormously, also you had all that tracking with Chrome and now
everybody should you know Google rules everything.

So good Firefox is over, now Firefox eats more memory than Chrome and
even more than Edge!!!

Why are Firefox are trying to make the same stuff than the others? Me as
a game developper I don’t need themes and all the fancies you get on
other browsers, I just want a fast browser. I don’t need account because
I don’t want to be historized and my data collected and used.

I was giving $50 every year to mozilla for Firefox but I won’t donate
anymore because I had to return on Chrome and I am desperate finding a
new good free fast browser.



For the site issues please report here

For the RAM issues, how much ram is each browser using? how many tabs? how much is it available on your system? Mow much is free?

“Mow much is free?” What that does mean??

Firefox: peak 400MB, average 325MB
Chrome: peak 250MB, average 180MB
Edge: peak 180MB, average 140MB

I have a 1 year old HP laptop with 4GB RAM

The peak RAM usage with firefox is at start and it takes about 10% of my
total RAM.

At start it takes about 20 seconds before the Firefox window appear.

This is a simple start test of each browser with just 1 folder.

Firefox: peak 400MB, average 325MB
Chrome: peak 250MB, average 180MB
Edge: peak 180MB, average 140MB

Is that 100/200 MB really that relevant for you? Browsers tend to look at available ram. If out of 3G you have 1G, Firefox will take more ram. If you have 100MB free, then Firefox should work on a more resource constraint mode and that ram difference really is important. How much ram does your system have available?

For the 20s startup please report here and check this out

Look I took the time to do my testimony, Firefox is now way slower than
others, I am game developper and I know what I am talking about.

Do the test yourself!


totally agree with you, maybe someone inside is acting this way purposely.
I have not experienced serious performance issues but surely i can say is way less efficient than it used to be.
As i pointed out also in my thread, i can’t figure out why good features are being removed while useless ones are being introduced at each update in a completely arbitrary way.

The testimony does not help. Data with perf issue helps. On my system FF is better than the rest. That is bad since my perf report is useless. Whenever I saw perf issues, I reported and they got fixed.

Why the hell Firefox need 400MB for starting ? It’s the double than Edge

You should make available a light Firefox version that works with 50MB max.

This being said I have work to do and I won’t spend more time talking
with you.

If you think Firefox is the best and you don’t listen to other
programmers then that’s your problem not mine.



what about this kind of situation?

Firefox Profiler

Couldn’t retrieve the profile from ⁨Firefox⁩.

Error: Expected an item to exist, and it was undefined.

The full stack has been written to the Web Console.

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Re the discussion about memory use by FF and Chrome, doesn’t Chrome start more processes than FF? If you add up the total VM used there’s not so much in it. ALso, I’ve been obliged to use an oldish laptop which was 4GB memory. An upgrade to 8GB completely transformed browsing on FF.
Also, as a new user, I have been trying to find out how to stop my postings display my email address (as I see some people have managed to do), but the info from Mozilla does not seem to lead anywhere. It says click on the icon of my image then click on the gearwheel to see settings, but there is no gearwheel.