I don't think, mozilla is 30% better for RAM like Chroome


I love Mozilla, because, of design. I am young, but I know it some time ago, about few years, but I use Chroome, now I again use FireFox Quantn (idk how to write this), but, it says, that firefox now uses 30% less RAM, but I see, it uses about 370% (3,7 x 300 - https://i.imgur.com/5hGj1yY.png - MEMORY USAGE). I want to fix this, maybe its glith or, I will (Sorry) need to switch back to chroome, because, I’ve got 8gb ram and this is 20% about using ram or 1/5.

Thank you

(developer11) #2

Get used to it… nothing anormal here.
Fact that FF uses well over 1GB of RAM exists for extremely long time (I will risk saying that from first RC versions of FF) and developers seems to either dont know how to lower RAM usage or giving a * about it…

So bear with it, or switch to Chrome (or Vivaldi = its in fact Chrome but redesigned)