Is there firefox mobile compatibility metacode for seo?

Competing browsers have specific meta codes for responsive design. How can I check firefox compatibility for seokaos?

Is this website 100% compatible with the mozilla firefox browser?

Thank you, Mozilla team! :woozy_face:

Hello @oykusert

congratulations for your website and wish you the best

for responsive design tool press ctrl+shift+M
or go to menu then web developer then responsive design mode

i notice that you used WPBakery Page Builder - drag and drop page builder for WordPress to build the site
i think it will be compatible as all builder do should do

you can check if it looks as what it should be so try every function or page and see if it behave and looks as it should be and use the responsive design to check it’s behave on different screen size

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I like this method very much, thank you so :green_heart: :pray: :pray: @justsomeone

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you the most welcome @oykusert :slight_smile: