Issues adding ZCOMBO-G smoke detector

Hi all,

I’ve recently started using Mozilla Webthings as the base for my smart home project. Firstly, let me say I can’t believe how easy and intuitive it all is and I’m having fun putting it all together. The house is working out great!

I’ve been able to connect pretty much everything I’ve wanted to over the last couple of weeks, aside from one thing - a smoke detector.

It’s a First Alert ZCOMBO-G smoke detector. Details -

Whenever I try to add the device, the interface first times-out, and then after a second scan it appears as addable. But then it only shows up as a custom thing with a battery level and wake up interval.

I notice this device has only recently received Zwave certification, so maybe it’s too new to be recognized by Webthings?

Is there any way I might be able to try some coding to add it in myself, or are there plans to add it to the Zwave controller?

Appreciating any help,


You’ll primarily want to look at zwave-classifier.js in this repo.

Would you mind opening an issue there, as well?

Cheers! I’ll take a look into that.