Mozilla WebThings - third party ZigBee device compliance


I am trying to integrate Mozilla WebThings.
I saw on the website a lot of compatible devices.
I would like to integrate a different device, not listed on web page: i.e. GEWISS GWA1512 SMOKE ALARM

How can I do that?
Is it needed to develop a new add-on for the solution, or it chould work doing the zigbee protocol all the integration stuff?

Thank you-

A lot of Zigbee devices will work just fine. The supported hardware page just lists what people have actually tested with (and have taken the time to update the wiki).

If you try it and find that things are not fully functional, please open an issue and we’ll take a look!

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback!

I have another question:
to use the meshing features of ZigBee (i.e. use a BULB as a repeater to route the signal coming from another sensor positioned far), is it needed some specific configuration on Mozilla Webthings, or it should work enabled by zigbee itself?

Thank you.

This is all part of the Zigbee protocol, you don’t need any special configuration of the WebThings Gateway to make it work.