Joplin web clipper has been removed. Developer forum at joplin says they were not notified

Please give a reason for removing the joplin web clipper. The support forum at Joplin says it was removed without giving them a chance to reply to Mozilla concerns.

Quote from Joplin Developer forum:
“They took it down yesterday because the code makes use a feature they suddenly don’t like. It’s been in there since the very first version, and the add-on has been through multiple automated and manual reviews, and it was fine, so suddenly taking it off makes no sense. Also they did this with no warning at all, leaving us no time to fix the issue and resubmit.”

Joplin web clipper is an awesome tool for storing notes as you come across information on the web. If you are going to remove it, please let the community of Joplin users know why.

Please work with the Joplin developers to get this important extension restored.
Thank you


I arrived here while attempting to evaluate Joplin but now find myself evaluating Mozilla.

At this moment, I can experiment with Joplin and it’s web clipper add-on by using Chrome but I cannot use Firefox.

I’m forced to wonder: Will I ever be able to use Firefox? Will Mozilla eventually allow me to install the Joplin Web Clipper?

Mozilla’s reasons for their repeated removal of Joplin’s web clipper add-on are not as important as the way they’re handling the repeated removals.

Mozilla’s behavior is characterized by many of the same complaints made about Apple’s App Store.

Google has a bad reputation but in fact they’ve been much more professional - they do automated reviews, and either it passes or not, but they don’t kill add-ons out of the blue like Mozilla did.” Laurent, Joplin Team Member (source)

That an ADVERTISING company handles such issues better than Mozilla is worrying for me, because Mozilla’s removal of the Joplin add-on blurs the distinction between an Open Source Community and a Publicly Traded For-Profit Corporation. Is it just me or shouldn’t Mozilla’s behaviour sharpen the distinction?

I chose to post this comment because the add-on removal has demonstrated a cause for concern during my efforts to find a commercial product that offers Joplin’s features AND Joplin’s robust and battle-tested software.

Apple’s strategy of owning the whole widget is designed to protect them from the sort of dependence Joplin has on Mozilla. However, that strategy is pushing me out of Apple’s ecosystem because they’re not making the tools I need.

I’m off to install the Joplin Web Clipper for Chrome. I hope Mozilla comes through. The Joplin team’s transparency and manner of speaking about this ongoing issue only strengthen my positive early impressions!



It’s really disappointing. I hope Mozilla will reverse the removal of Joplin. I have been using Firefox for ages, but I now consider to switch to another browser. Just because of the Joplin Web Clipper add-on? YES!!! I love it!

I appeal to Mozilla to please rethink their decision!

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The developers have a channel to get back to us and appeal any takedown. In case they don’t know, they can email us at amo-admins AT mozilla DOT com. Note that this address is for add-on developers only, user advocacy won’t be considered there.

Hi Jorge,
It seems that the Joplin extension has been restored to Firefox. I was able to add it today, March 11, 2020. I’m am very happy to have this useful tool available to me in Firefox again. I’m not sure what has changed from the developers or Mozilla Add-ons management, but I am very excited to see it working again.
Thank you