Kate support

I was annoyed by the fact that I didn’t found any editor which supported Fluent at least by highlighting and decided to add highlighting support to my favorite editor Kate.
It’s currently only available by compiling Kate from source, but some example files are here in dark and here in white.
Any comments/feedback/ideas are appreciated and I will try to implement them.

Hi Fabian,

thanks for your contributions. Could you attach some screenshots or so? The links you gave only show raw html, that’s a tad hard to digest w/out digging deep into things.

For the sake of completeness, @macabeus has done a VS Code plugin, which you can find at https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=macabeus.vscode-fluent&utm_source=VSCode.pro&utm_campaign=AhmadAwais and https://github.com/macabeus/vscode-fluent

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I made the VS Code extension for Fluent.

The syntax highlighting is written in TextMate format (VS Code uses that). I can’t found a way to import TextMate into Kate, so probably you’ll need to manually rewrite it into Kate’s format.
If you found a way to use TextMate in Kate, this guy made a bundle: https://github.com/pago/fluent.tmBundle

About other features, such as hover, go to definition, code action, etc, since it was my first extension, I wrote as simple as possible. Then I didn’t build a language server for Fluent and everything is encapsulated in the extension using VS Code API.
Then you’ll need or to extract the code from vscode extension to build a language server or write your own extension.

If you have more questions, I would be happy to help you :smile:

Since Kate doesn’t want to be yet another IDE, it has no support for stuff like hover, go to definition ecetra. The format Kate uses is a lot different and I already wrote it. My syntax definition is located here

Some screenshots:

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