Keeping the SUMO group up-to-date on the site


  1. We need a logo! Ideas? Please post below. (yes, it will end up on swag) (yes, there will be swag)
  2. We need to know who’s no longer active, so we can keep an up-to-date list of people in the group.
  1. Can anyone from the current Buddies actually edit the settings of the group? (members, icon, etc.)

I can edit members and icons, but not add new group leaders.

As for knowing who’s active, I’d say remove everyone from the group and start over.

Thanks @yousef :slight_smile:

I cleaned up the membership list as stated above - if you want to be included, please add yourself to the wiki in one of the roles (Community for general presence, or any of the four areas if you are OK with mentoring for one).

If you’re already on the list, please start thinking of other community members you know, who fit the profile: