Kitsune release notes 2021-06-09

Full changes since our last set of release notes.

Advanced Search Syntax

This release brings the first version of our advanced search syntax to all search boxes on the site. The detailed documentation explains all the syntax, but on a high level:

  • Boolean operators are supported by using AND, OR, and NOT
  • Searches can be scoped against a particular field: field:title:(firefox crashes)
  • Searches can be filtered by a specific field: exact:question_has_solution:false
  • Searches can be filtered by a range of values: range:question_created:gt:now-1h

Putting that all together you could, for instance, search for questions without a solution, less than one week old, and which mention Linux in the title or in the question content: exact:question_has_solution:false range:question_created:gt:now-1w field:title:linux OR field:question:linux.

The detailed documentation also lists the various fields you can search on for each document type.

Please let us know below if you have any questions, if you need help with constructing a particular search you have in mind, or if there are any filters you’re missing!

:wave: ElasticSearch 2.x

This release also removes the very last pieces of code which referenced our old ES 2.x cluster. While none of this was user facing (we removed all of that in our last release), we can now finally turn off that old cluster, and with that complete our migration away from ES 2.x!

Everything else


There were some questions about the new SUMO search posted in that were not answered:

April 26, 2021 at 10:54:35 PM PDT

I depend on Advanced search to find the answer I gave in recent weeks that I need to copy/paste into another thread.

In the regular search:

Is there an ability to sort by descending post date?

May 6, 2021 at 12:16:38 PM PDT

Note that the ‘w=1’ GET parameter (knowledge base) is still supported like ‘w=2’ (questions).
w=4 would be these forums and doesn’t work.
The results are sorted by score (relevance) and that makes it not very useful because older answers do no longer apply in a lot of cases.

Isn’t it possible to get the results sorted by “Last post date” (sortby=1) or “Original post date” (sortby=2), like previously was possible ?