Kitsune release notes 2021-05-04

Full changes since our last set of release notes.

While this release contains a small number of changes, it reflects a rather major milestone. With this release, there should be no user facing elements in the platform which access our old version of ElasticSearch!

This means that now all that remains to completely remove ElasticSearch 2.x from the platform is to remove the various bits of indexing code we have, and the infrastructure itself.

This release:

  • Removed ES 2.x search endpoints, including advanced search
  • Moved ES 7.x search endpoint from /search/v2 to /search
  • Updated project libraries

Next up is adding advanced search functionality back with a special syntax in the search box, which we hope to release next week. Please let us know how you used advanced search, and what you’d like to see added, here: