Kitsune release notes 2021-09-23

Full changes since our last set of release notes.

Subscription-based support:

The biggest change in this release is the addition of new Ask a Question (AAQ) flows for subscription-based products on SUMO. Subscription-based products now have an AAQ which results in a question being sent to Zendesk.

AAQ changes

This has resulted in a few other changes around AAQ flows:

Locales without any AAQs enabled won’t immediately redirect to the get community support article (where l10n communities can add links to externally-hosted community support), but will instead only redirect a user to this article after they’ve passed through step 1 and 2 of the AAQ, to give users an opportunity to find a solution in the recommended articles first.

This also changes the annoying behaviour where users who did manage to enter the AAQ using an unsupported product/locale combination would be redirected to the English AAQ. This now only happens for subscription-based products, at step 3.

Because of the above changes, we’re able to show the “Still need help?” banner across all locales’ product pages, and it now takes users directly to step 2 of the AAQ, rather than asking the user to select their product again:

We also took this an an opportunity to fix a number of bugs with our AAQ implementation. In the future we have plans to further improve the experience around the “get community support” article for locales with externally-hosted community support.

Instant Firefox Accounts profile updates

Changes to Firefox Accounts profiles will now be made near-instantly on SUMO (provided the attribute hasn’t been overridden by a user in SUMO), rather than requiring a log-out/in to update.

My Subscriptions

Users with subscriptions will now see an extra “My Subscriptions” page on their profile giving them links to product support and to manage their subscription:

Firefox preferences deep link

This release brings the ability to add deep links to Firefox Desktop preferences on Knowledge Base articles.

For example, to add a link to about:preferences#privacy-locationBar use syntax like: [[Button:preferences|pane=privacy-locationBar|text=Open Location Bar Privacy Preferences]].


Notable changes:

See the rest in the git log.


Thank you as always for all the hard work on this. In particular, I am really happy to see the “username updating” issue being rectified as this will help when resolving toxic content in that field.

One question I did have - I understand that the contributor dashboard stats bug - one of our oldest issues dating back to 2017 - was on the radar for Q4 this year. Is that still the case?

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The new Firefox preferences deep link markup doesn’t work in all profiles. See this discussion: New button markup

This is similar to Bug 1643905 [[Button:refresh]] markup creates a “Refresh Firefox” link instead of a button and may be broken in some profiles

In Q3 we were working on an alternative metrics source, which I was thinking we could possibly leverage to replace the broken contributor dashboard. However our Q4 goals don’t currently include any more work on that. However, they should include a goal to modernize our static asset pipeline (JS/CSS/Images) - which ought to make fixing bugs in this area more straightforward.

I’ve opened to track a possible fix for this.

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