Kitsune release notes 2021-10-12

Full changes since our last set of release notes.

This was a small follow-up release to the previous one to fix a few bugs, and add some functionality which didn’t quite make it into the previous release.

Ask a Question (AAQ) improvements

Pinned articles

We’ve added support for pinning articles to second set of each AAQ flow, under “Featured Articles”:

In the past these articles were populated from a set of the most popular articles for each product. They continue to be so, but we can now add any specific articles we want here as well, for instance if there’s a problem many users are asking questions about which could be solved by following the instructions in a KB article.

Geo-location for subscription-based questions

Following on from our integration with Zendesk in our previous release, we now also conduct IP-based geo-location when a user sends us a question for a subscription-based product.