Kitsune release notes 2021-04-21

Full changes since our last set of release notes.

It’s been a little while since our last set of release notes, as we’ve been hard at work removing (almost) every trace of ElasticSearch 2.x from Kitsune. All the following no longer have a dependency on it:

We’ve also added:

  • Dedicated forum search, which can be seen at the top of each forum, to prepare for the removal of advanced search.
  • A server-side rendered version of search v2, currently accessible at a dedicated url:
  • Pagination to community search

We’ve made a couple of improvements to searching itself:

  • Quoted strings will no longer be matched against synonyms, so for example:
    • a search for addons will match against addons, extensions, and themes
    • whereas a search for "addons" will only match against addons
    • stemming and other non-synonym analysis will still happen for quoted strings, e.g. "addons" will still match addon
  • Administration knowledge base articles will no longer appear in searches
  • Very generic searches like * (match anything) or -firefox (match anything but firefox) should now work across all locales

One non-search-related bug fix:

And some far less interesting (but necessary) changes:

  • Updating project libraries
  • Removing of customercare app (Army of Awesome)
  • Reformatting of some localized strings containing HTML, and establishing a format for these going forward
  • Removing the non-functional topic section from the question metrics dashboard
  • Removing the unused /api/v2/topcontributors/ route
  • Removing ES 2.x from the update_question_vote_chunk task
  • Consolidating cache timeout settings
  • Updating route construction in forums app
  • Removing outdated e2e tests
  • Increasing ES refresh interval
  • Increasing take question API timeout
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