L20n and the Test Pilot website

(Staś Małolepszy) #1

tl;dr: We’d like to update the Test Pilot to the new version of the FTL syntax. The changes are minimal but require coordination wrt. the Pontoon integration and the release cycle.

Hi –

Since Test Pilot started using L20n we’ve made a number of changes to the syntax to improve its readability. I’d like to plan the migration of the translations used by the Test PIlot website to the new syntax. The required changes are few: I’ve created a pull request in a testing repo to demonstrate them: https://github.com/mathjazz/testpilot/pull/1/files.

We’d like to take advantage of Pontoon to do the migration. The order of required steps is as follows:

  1. stas submits a PR to mozilla/testpilot with en-US files using the new syntax and upgrading l20n.js to a new version
  2. mathjazz disables the Pontoon sync for mozilla/testpilot
  3. the PR is merged into master
  4. mathjazz runs a one-off migration in Pontoon’s database
  5. mathjazz force-syncs updated translations from Pontoon to mozilla/testpilot
  6. mathjazz re-enables the Pontoon sync

We’d like for all of this happen right after the start of a new dev cycle for Test Pilot. We’ve been tentatively thinking about the April 25-May 9 cycle. Does this timing work for you?

In https://github.com/mozilla/testpilot/issues/1714 we’re also talking about moving away from l20n.js to fluent-react. I think it will be safer to switch to fluent-react after we migrate all translations using an upgraded l20n.js. This will help avoid the risk of having to roll back the migration in Pontoon in case something goes wrong with fluent-react. (It shouldn’t but just to be sure.)

I’m looking for feedback on the plan outlined above. I’ll create the PR to mozilla/testpilot when I get a go-ahead from the Test Pilot team.


(Staś Małolepszy) #2

After talking to @fzzzy on IRC I filed https://github.com/mozilla/testpilot/pull/2399.

(Staś Małolepszy) #3

L20n.js was upgraded and the translations were migrated about an hour ago: https://github.com/mozilla/testpilot/compare/ca6b7ec...2859e6d. We’ll keep an eye out on any issues over the next couple of days. All looks good for now.

Thanks to @fzzzy, @mathjazz and @flod for your help!