Learning Web Development: Suggesting different course paths


(Mauro Di Bert) #1

Hi Chris! ( @chrismills ). I’m in the last part of html -forms- and from the beginning I took a particular path to study: i’ve done one html chapter and one css chapter and something similar during the course till now. I think could be a good idea to suggest new people that is starting the course this possibility, but made it better since I was completely intuitive on choosing which chapters go first and which then and i’m also a zero! hehe.

I think this could be done threw desing. For instance: you have the complete chapters list and the order at left but that could be a part of a two or three tabs that goes into a menu, where the first tab is the actual order and the other the suggested order to make it a different process. Let me show you:

(Chris Mills) #2

Hi Mauro!

I like this idea a lot — the learning area has grown large, so it can be hard to work out what path to take.

I am not sure if it would work to put an extra layer in the menu - this would over complicate things, in my opinion.

My first thought is to maybe add a section to the front page listing an appropriate path to take, depending on what you know already. We already have this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn#Where_to_start.

Maybe we could update this section to serve that purpose?

(Mauro Di Bert) #3

Hiiii again! he.

I think that the idea of a list at the front page it’s not a practical thing because you’ll see it the first time and then drop it! Or, in the best case, if you really want to take the alternative path you’ll have to come back and forth this place to see which that path is.

Buuuut… he. I think this two ideas could merge in a more practical one: when you start the course, you’re gonna be shown the different possible paths (as the actual front page) and when you decided wich one to choose, you’ll be delivered to that place with each specific left menu order. What do you think @chrismills ? :smile:

(Mauro Di Bert) #4

Hi Chris! (@chrismills), morning here! he. This morning question is: I’m on the course and found a possible mistake: how must I edit it in order to be checked? I found that the link here ( https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/CSS/CSS_layout/Positioning ) goes wrong:

(Chris Mills) #5

Hi Mauro!

Hehe, I am glad you spotted this! We recently redirected all the old W3C web standard curriculum articles back to appropriate places on MDN, as they were so out of date. However, in this case it means that our article has ended up redirecting back to itself :wink:

To fix this, I have simply deleted the link…well, that whole paragraph. z-index is complex enough for beginners without starting to talk about multiple stacking contexts, which are encountered incredibly rarely. I think this is fine now, for the intended difficulty level.