LocalFolders issue on Thunderbird/Linux accessing previously accessible LAN storage folders

From T-Bird add-on mgr, I followed the addons.thunderbird.net/LocalFolders ‘Forums’ link which lands here in moz://a land. Hopefully it is still valid.
I love this extension/add-on, it is in my opinion a missing capability (network Folders) in T-Bird.
I have used it for many years to access a network drive with folders there to pull emails off of Google’s prying eyes on Gmail onto a structured set of folders in my storage that makes sense to me for reference & retrieval. I also have a prior-client-efforts archive folder on my net drive as well.
{ASIDE/BKGD: Since MS Win10 decided to push the horribly corrupt 2004 spring '20 build down onto me a 5th time, each time crippling my systems with 5+min browser window and app response times, and the last time, all keyboard mappings were to CTL+ or CTL+ALT+ functions, I gave up. installed Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 w/latest updates) and not looking back.}

setting up T-Bird +LocalFolders (T-Bird for Linux, search for add-ons within T-Bird to get, install LocalFolders add-on) was fine, without a hitch. The LocalFolders accessed network folders’ directory structures show up exactly as before(win10), correctly ordered, etc.

However when I click on a LocalFolders directory the T-Bird/LocalFolders engine just ‘spins’ forever -even overnight -and it continues. I can click on the base T-Bird inbox and continue work in email directories that are within T-Bird scope (not attached via LocalFolders) but any attempt to look inside any directory presented via LocalFolders again is an infinite spinning wait.
I had attempted to contact the developer philoux (in France/Europe) via github, any of his referenced sites/emails, but no luck.
I had also attempted T-Bird’s per-folder “repair folder” to rebuild the folder .msf files, but that yielded no recognizable change.

If there is not a known fix or process to correct this inability to view emails in Linux T-Bird+LocalFolders, is there a mechanism to offline repair/rebuild the needed indexing files within the network folders/directories? While they had no problem before, and still do correctly show the structure, perhaps the Linux T-Bird engine is looking for a specific indexing file or format thereof?

Thank you all for your tolerance should this issue/question be better targeted elsewhere (if so, the T-Bird team needs to correct their forums link in the add-ons manager!)

BTW: this topic window could use the ‘preview’ option to help us catch mistakes in formatting.

If it’s this addon:

it has a support site (on the right on that page) on which you may raise issues: https://github.com/cleidigh/Localfolder-TB/issues

BTW: It looks as if Christopher Leidigh took this over from the original author, philoux, to update it for TB60.

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