Recovering local folders from TB beta intoTB release. Macos

I’ve been using Beta Thunderbird with success for a while now but this
morning it hung at startup and refused to go any further. This will be a
problem for later but in the meantime I’ve installed TB release which
has created a new profile for me. This is fine, all my email accounts
are Imap but I had a number of local folders that contain emails I need
to get into the new release profile. How would I do that?


There is a problem with 79.0b3 for Mac. Download and install

When the fix comes out, you will be updated to 80.0b1

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Help/Troubleshooting, click Show in Finder to open the current profile folder, close TB, go up a level to Profiles, open the old profile folder, then Mail\Local Folders. Copy the mbox files - the large ones with no extension, named after folders - into Mail\Local Folders of the current profile. Restart TB and find the folders under Local Folders in the Folder Pane.

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