Locked out of my Matrix account on mozilla.modular.im / chat.mozilla.org

Dear Mozilla staff,

I registered some time ago a Matrix account on your server mozilla.modular.im, using SSO with my Firefox account.
It worked, for a while.
Nowadays, while I’m still logged in on Schildichat on my Android phone, I just cannot login anywhere else: choosing to login with a Firefox account bring me to SSO/SAML and then to a synapse login “Choose your nickname/handle” form - but I already have my handle! (ezahn:mozilla.org)
If there’s no solution I’ll just have to delete everything, losing my conversations, and open a different account on a different server.
Some helpful people in Mozilla matrix chatrooms pointed me to the fact that if have change my primary mail in my Firefox account that could be the source of the problem. I wasn’t sure I did, recently, but I tried switching it back to a previous primary mail address and the problem remains.
Can you please help? (I already tried erasing cookies, and tried different PCs and phones on different browsers, deactivating addons)
Thanks so much, all the best


You seem to have multiple identities. I guess this might have overwhelmed the system.

Can you open a private browser session ans log in to the SSO Dashboard (sso.mozilla.com) with the identity that matches the email address linked to your Matrix identity. Once that is done, you should be able to launch chat.mozilla.org from the SSO Dashboard.

Let us know if this works for you.

Best regards,

Hi Henrik,

first of all: thank you for your kind and prompt reply.
Well, it kinda worked! Logging by mail address I can now arrive at an element/mozilla SSO screen that allows me to click on Matrix and have something happen.
Unfortunately then he asks me for my security key: can I find it inside my only logged and working session on Schildichat on my phone?
Thanks again!

Happy to help!

On the security key: Actually, I don’t know where you should be able to find it. I think I stored mine in my password manager. Did you try to click the Reset all button?

Not yet: too terrified to lose all my chats stored in Schildichat! :sweat_smile:
I don’t think I set a security key up when I created the account, pretty sure i logged on directly with my Firefox account.
Thanks again, Henrik @hmitsch! :pray:
If I ever manage to login again I’ll try and understand how I can proceed with mobile apps like Element, Fluffy Chat and Schildichat that put me directly on a SSO screen.

(I store everything in my password manager as well: since I don’t find it there I think I didn’t create one since I simply used my Firefox Account, if at all possible)