Looking for developer to hire to port Lazarus

(Guy Sheffer) #1

Hey all,
i am part of a crowd funding attempt, and we are looking for a firefox addon developer to help us port Lazarus as a new firefox addon that would work outside ESR branch.
It would be great if its someone from the community.

Anyone here interested or knows who might be able to help?
Info, funds and talks are taking place in this issue:

(erosman) #2

I had been using Lazarus for many years and have been thinking about doing something about it. WebExtension API is a bit limited but can be done.

(Guy Sheffer) #3

Well unless you want to take the job. You can donate. If you follow the github issue you can see why we need the money.


It would be good if the new version of Lazarus worked on Android too - though I suspect some APIs are missing at the moment (page-action popups?)

This related addon doesn’t work on Android - yet: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/textarea-cache-lite/

(erosman) #5

As I said… I have been planning to write the addon (for my own use) for a while (but haven’t had the time and IndexedDB was recently added to WebExtension)… but it is major undertaking. TBH, the code is not the problem, the user interface takes a lot of work.

If someone gets to do it (before I start)… best of luck

(Guy Sheffer) #6

We had a developer quit in the middle. He said that the IndexDB in Firefox is using up tons of memory. He has resigned from the project mainly because of that. Perhaps there is a way to fix that if its new?

(erosman) #7

I am currently writing an update for one of my addons using IndexedDB so I will see if that is the case… I hope not since there isn’t any other option for saving large volume of data.