Looking for Z Wave support on Yale locks

I’ve setup a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with an Aeotec USB Z Wave dongle. I was hoping that the default Z Wave add-on would give me basic lock functionality. Current state, lock/unlock but I couldn’t get that going. I did see that Yale locks are supported on Zigbee so I’m wondering if we can get Z Wave support. I have the YRD216 and YRL256 available to test with.

Adding support for door locks is still a todo item for zwave.

Thanks Dave, any guesses on when that will hit the top of the todo list?

The 0.9.2 version of the zwave adapter now has basic door lock support. I tested it with a Yale YRD110 deadbolt.

Thanks Dave, we will check that out next week. Which Z-Wave controller are you running? We’ve got an Aeotec and Zooz S2

In theory it shouldn’t make any difference. I happened to test it with an Aeotec Z-Stick 5.

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