Compatible Door Locks?

I saw some threads from nearly a year ago about coming lock support. Is it there yet? If so, which locks are supported? I’d prefer a motorized lock style, versus the less-expensive but you have to use a hand to turn the mechanism.

Proper Lock support is coming in 0.10. I know @dhylands has been testing some Zigbee and Z-Wave locks, but I’m not sure which ones. In theory, they should all be supported, but there tend to be some slight differences between brands.

There is also (theoretical) support for HomeKit locks, but I’ve not actually tried any.

I’ve tested with the Yale YRD226 for zigbee and YRD110 for ZWave.

With ZWave you need to setup the network key (configure the zwave adapter). I’ve also found that factory resetting the yale locks don’t unpair them, so you need to unpair them manually. With zwave you can start unpairing with any device and then complete it on the door lock by following the door lock unpair. I tested this and it works even when the lock was paired with a different network.

I bought a Kwikset 914 because I can key it to match my existing keys. It connected simply and I’m able to lock and unlock. It is identified as a temperature device and reports 25 degree temp, oddly. Maybe it’s a feature of the lock I wasn’t aware of; I’ll investigate further.

Locking/unlocking is as simple as setting the Locked property to true or false.

There are a dozen or so events and I haven’t yet done any events in my code so that’s my next step but I’m happy to report that the Kwikset 914 ZB works great.