Zigbee Yale YRD216 PBDB

(Najibullah Halimi) #1

I have a Zigbee Yale Yrd216 lock that I want to control via Moz:lla. Right now it is connected to the gate way but under the things menu it doesn’t show any capability. Please help if you know how to enable the locking and unlocking features.


(Ben Francis) #2

Our Zigbee adapter doesn’t support smart locks yet.

It might be possible to represent some basic properties of the lock using primitive types like a boolean locked/unlocked property, by adding support for smart locks to the Zigbee adapter. But to create something more sophisticated a next step would be to define a capability schema for smart locks, then we can design a UI for that capability. I’ve filed an issue to discuss the schema.

(Najibullah Halimi) #3

Is there any quick way that I could change some files and test the lock and unlock function?

(Ben Francis) #4

Probably not a quick way, no. First it requires adding support for the necessary Zigbee clusters to the Zigbee adapter’s classifier so it knows how to represent a smart lock as a web thing.

See also: Zigbee-adapter died, code = 1 restarting

(Dave Hylands) #5

Once PR https://github.com/mozilla-iot/zigbee-adapter/pull/64 lands, then door locks will be supported. The UI still needs some new icons and I’m sure there will be a few more tweaks, but I can at least lock and unlock my zigbee door lock.