Looking for Zigbee or wifi Motion Sensor recommendations

I’ve used several different Zigbee motion detectors and I’ve had issues with all of them:

Bosch: https://zigbeealliance.org/zigbee_products/wireless-pir-motion-detector/

Ikea: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/tradfri-wireless-motion-sensor-white-60377655/

Samsung: https://www.samsung.com/us/smart-home/smartthings/sensors/samsung-smartthings-motion-sensor-f-irm-us-2/

The Samsung one seemed to work fine for a while, but the battery life seems to be horrible.

I picked up some of the Bosch motion sensors at deep discount and was hoping the fact they took 4 AA batteries would mean battery life would greatly exceed the Samsung sensor but they seem extremely defective. They might work okay for a couple days, but then constantly report motion. Changing the batteries may for a short period of time, but they simply do not function well for any amount of time. I tried the Ikea Tradfri motion sensor for a while, but it seemed to be just slightly worse than the Samsung motion sensor.

Is there a more dependable motion sensor, either Zigbee or wifi?

Ideally something that doesn’t take expensive/small-capacity batteries, possibly AC or USB powered instead.

The IKEA works well for me, no issues with battery life

I still use multiple 15+ year old X10 motion sensors which work very well. They communicate using my legacy X10 CM15 controller, which is connected to my WT RPI USB port, that is monitored by the freeware mochad software, that is finally monitored by a shell script I wrote that triggers WT events using curl. The dual AAA batteries last 9+ months, sometimes longer.

Granted, there are limitations in what you can do, but I only trigger lights and/or macros.

I also re-use numerous of my old HR12A remote button controllers to trigger Z-Wave devices. A lot cheaper (free since I already have them) than buying mondo-expensive Z-Wave buttons to turn lights on/off.

X10 is not dead :thinking: