Ikea Tradfri E1745 Motion Sensor identifies as "multiLevelSwitch"

After pairing a new Tradfri motion sensor it’s showing as: “type”: “multiLevelSwitch”

However, it’s being identified as “modelId”: “TRADFRI motion sensor”

Is there a workaround?

(Type = E1745 Tradfri, made in China, purchased in Canada)

This is a known issue right now: https://github.com/mozilla-iot/zigbee-adapter/issues/187

I updated the ZigBee-adapter to v0.11.2 and it’s recognised as a motion sensor now - thank you.
When triggered, motion remains highlighted for 3 minutes (I assume the ‘on’ duration is hardwired in the sensor). I set a rule to activate the Tradfri power outlet when there’s motion, which works as expected. Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn off after 3 minutes when there’s inactivity.

Yes, I assume that’s just a feature of the sensor itself.

For your rule, try changing the If to While in the rule sentence at the top.

That worked, all functioning now. I’ve found the UI pretty intuitive but totally missed the If/While option.