macOS Sonoma emoji shortcut stopped working on Firefox v119

The “cmd” + “control” + “space” shortcut for the emoji menu stopped working on macOS Sonoma v14.1 with Firefox v119.0.

  • When I attempt to use this shortcut the emoji menu flickers for less than a second and then disappears.
  • This shortcut worked as expected before upgrading to macOS Sonoma.
  • It seems to work as expected in Chrome based browsers so this is a potential issue with Firefox.

There is bug #1855346 for the emoji menu not showing when using the shortcut.

I am rooting for @chesterbr who is working on it! :man_technologist:t2::pray:t2:

Thank you @ng2hunglong!

fn + e is a potential workaround.

The only downside is it writes the letter e when using this shortcut so after the emoji is selected you need to delete the unwanted e. However, this workaround is likely quicker than switching to a non-Firefox window, selecting the emoji, copying it, then going back into Firefox, and pasting the emoji.

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