Macros Add-on examples

Just added the MACROS Add-on and I am trying to make sense of the syntax. Does anyone have some examples of macros they have built or use that I can learn from?


This is an old post but I’ve recently converted nearly all my rules into this macrozilla addon format with great success. Hopefully some folks might be able to learn from my results. My main motivation is I wanted to have rules that could notify for new triggering ONLY on each of my 19 zigbee devices. It’s clumsy using the gateway rules UI for this on so many devices. Much easier and cleaner using macrozilla given the if/then logic available, math functions and ability to functionally group macros into folders.

This addon is not presently supported and does have a list of issues on GitHub. None are show stoppers for me, just inconvenience. It is picky as to format and once a macro is written it is live… there is no suspend functionality. Date and time functions do not work but can be made to “kind of” work using the DateTime adapter addon. I would also suggest to save often while building and using dummy triggers until nearly done.

I’ll attach a simple example. Finally, It helped me to start small but dream big.

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