Magnet issue

Hello team and thanks for your work.

Can someone help me to fix firefox so i can download files from magnet again or tell me how i can get the answer.

When i use firefox to download magnet with mozilla it’s ok but when i use it with Tor, i can’t open it because in fiirefox applications tab 'magnet" is not listed and i can’t make firefox lunch deluge.


Hey Joseph!

If I understood your message correctly, this is a support question for either Firefox or Tor Browser and not about a specific add-on?

The best way to get support for Firefox is our support forum and for Tor is Tor support forum.

Hi Juhis !

Thank you for your answer.
My question wasn’t clear indeed. I’ll ask in both forum, if I’m lucky someone will understand me !

Thanks again for your work and your help,


Sorry i wish i knew more on computer but i(m not the right person to help you. good luck !