Mail merge compatibility with recent version of Thunderbird

It appears that the latest version of Mail Merge is not compatible with the latest versions of Thunderbird. Does anyone know of a workaround or an alternative?

Do you have v. 6, which is supposed to be compatible with TB 68? Use v. 5.6 for TB 60.

Thanks for checking. I have TB 69. I’ve tried to download v. 6, but when I try to add it in Thunderbird I get the error message “Mail Merge could not be installed because it isnot compatible with Thunderbird 69.0”

Perhaps I need to go back to TB 68?

Or is there another option?

Version 6 doesn’t claim to be compatible with any version higher than 68, so I guess you can run v. 6 in TB 68 or v. 5.6 in TB 60.8. I’m not aware of any other similar add-on.

Thanks. I just reverted to 68 and I was able to add the mail merge add on.

I am having problems.
TB68 and MM 6.1
I can see the preview CSV
I cannot see the preview sending. It sends nothing.
Do i need any dependencies in Linux? Any libraries?