Make your own surveillance network, ON THE CHEAP

This session is facilitated by Tiago Fassoni , Laury Bueno, Paula Elias, Tatiana Codorniz

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About this session

In this session, we will show:

How cell phones leak wifi data by design,
How to capture all that data using only open source software and a raspberry pi (we intend to show it live for the audience)
How to use that data in a large scale collection to create a map of people

Turns out it is really easy, and cheap, to create a surveillance network of people coming and going through, using just a couple of off-the-shelf technology.

(London Underground did it, and so can YOU!

Goals of this session

For people to understand how easy it is to be surveilled ON THE CHEAP. The BIg Brother Surveillance State is now a reality, the demons are out of the box and the better way to deal with that is with laws, not technology.

Hi guys,

Thank you for everyone that were able to attend my presentation.

I’ve prepared a tutorial for you all to also create your own surveillance network:

Also, the slides I used on the presentation are available here:

Thanks again!