Manifest V2 to V3

Hi, until what date should we refactor our add-on to Manifest V3, or is it optional to not switch from V2 to V3?

There is no deadline yet.
And things are moving super slow, so I would say it’s likely to take many years for Firefox to fully stop supporting MV2 addons.

So it’s completely OK to use MV2 (which even offers some new MV3 API, like “scripting”).
I’ve build many addons and most of them is still using MV2 in Firefox and MV3 in other stores.

The main issue with MV3 in Firefox is with the host permissions, which are not granted upon install (unlike in Chromium browsers), but must be requested manually later on, and ideally also checked if they are still available every time you need to use them.


Our update posted last night:

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