Manifest V3 support in

Hey folks,

it seems as Manifest V3 support is starting to get ready.

I was wondering if the Addons Store are already ManifestV3-only powered extensions, or will be accepting them by January 1st?


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We are making progress with MV3 yes. It’s not yet fully released but we’re getting closer.

For the addons store, we don’t yet accept MV3 extensions. Currently the features enabled in the browser are to help developers to test their extensions and help them in the transition from MV2 to MV3.

We’ll communicate when we open the for MV3 extensions on a later date.

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Thanks for the swift reply!

Is there any rough timeline on the store accepting MV3 extensions and what is needed for that to happen?

It’ll get us (& extension developers) in quite some trouble and unnecessary extra work if we have to maintain the mv3 and mv2 versions separately for a few months after the 1st of January when Chrome mandates V3.

Real consideration here is to drop Firefox support because of it. :frowning:

Well, there is still the issue with the current ESR (102) which won’t support MV3 until the next September, right? :frowning:
So supporting MV3 addons in store is good but won’t help 100%.

But after migrating most of my many addons to MV3 and leaving them to MV2 for Firefox I can tell you it’s pretty compatible. But you will need a separate manifest file and some know how. Someone should write a blog about that…

At least for us we have a few business logic pathways that had to fundamentally change with MV3 and that will be a lot of work to support also in MV2.

We’re not aiming for ESR support anyway, so that is fine, but MV3 support for the store is pretty critical for us.

Our timeline for accepting MV3 extensions in is dependent on our progress getting the MV3 support released in Firefox. Unfortunately I don’t have a date to give you yet but our team is making good progress towards that.

The most recent update on the timeline is the one we shared in the blog earlier this year:

Work is continuing in parallel, and we expect to launch MV3 support for all users by the end of 2022. As we get closer to completion, we will follow up with more detail on timing and how we will support extensions through the transition.

For more detailed timeline, we’ll share that once we get closer to the release.

Ok thanks for the update.

Just to make clear if I understood things right here:
FF 106 Beta is already supporting MV3, which will be fully released on October 18th, according to here

Is that a different type of support of MV3 than you are referring to when you say “MV3 support released in FF”?

Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the MV3 enabled in Firefox 106 is to help developers develop and test their extensions against the new features but it’s not fully complete yet so it’s not an official full release for the users. It being enabled by default currently means that you can load an extension that uses manifest_version: 3 without having to flip a preference in about:config.

We’ve been enabling things step-by-step over the course of the development so that the extension developers have a way to keep developing and testing their extensions instead of having to wait until the official release.

So yes, there’s still some work to be done under the hood before we can make MV3 extensions available and opening up submissions in the add-ons store. We want to make sure that everything’s functional and working well before that.

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