Marking an Open Tab with a Container

I have these tabs open. I want to put them in a Container. How do I do that?




That feature is indeed one that is either too well hidden or just not there. Such a shame, because it’s quite a critical thing to do.

I wonder however, what happens if you add a website you’re logged into to a container? Will you suddenly be logged out?

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Does that sounds like this feature request?

Can you add a +1 there?

Came here to learn how to add a site I had open to a container. JB’s “I wonder” happened. While logged into a site I manage, I opened a new tab, selected the container and chose the site from the thumbnails. I had to log into the site again.

Firefox has generally been easy to use. In keeping with that, I would like to add an OPEN site to a container and definitely not have to log-in again… unless the new log-in offers saving the password as an option.

Side note… a few months ago, the saved passwords in Firefox stopped populating into sites when I chose to log in. This is why I wrote “generally” in my statement above.

Containers are meant to isolate cookies, which are typically the mechanism used for log-ins. So, when you open a site into a new/different container, by design and intention, you will not be logged in.

It might be possible to add some kind of “Move site into ___ Container” that will move the cookies into the container, but that sounds very hard to explain to users. So, I doubt it will be a high-priority enhancement.

WebExtension add-ons are growing support for both cookies & containers, so this may be a feature that a future add-on could provide.

Same problem here. +1

I’m using the Context Plus addon to achieve this. It’s not as robust with the edge cases @groovecoder mentioned, but it solves much of my use case for now. I’m also taking full advantage of the new “open in context” feature that allows you to assign domains to specific container types so that they always open in that container. With these two things I’m pretty happy at present, but if the Context Plus case was added as a feature of the Containers experiment proper I think it’d be a lot more useful.

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