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Continuing the discussion from Changes to the Sunday meeting:

Colin - Yes, we didn’t really discuss this here, it came up during set-up for a meeting.

It links to google calendar, which is where we have our meetings, and it automatically creates links for creating agenda and notes for any of the calendars you’ve told it to. It’s new to me as well, I’m not sure how to make sure you’re properly invited, @mrz or @logan was it you guys who know better how to use it?

Once you get into it, it’s nice because there is a responsive UI. There are some things I wish it did better, but it has checkboxes, and I love checkboxes! It allows you to assign action items to people and then it allows you to see all of your action items, again with checkboxes so you can mark them off. It also links “related meetings” so any instance of that meeting that happened on another day, you can see all the action items from related meetings or easily go back and forth between the agenda/notes from another instance of that meeting.

Anything can be deleted to, so please feel free to play around a little with the agenda for today’s meeting.

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