Changes to the Sunday meeting


Hi all,

Not enough people can make the Sunday meeting regularly for it to be the Infrastructure meeting. However, enough people can make it often enough for this to be a useful time for discussion and collaboration. Here’s what we’re going to try:

  • We’ll stretch out the time slot, some of you have suggested that meeting an hour earlier would be better, so the meeting slot will now be 3 - 5pm ET (currently 20 - 22 UTC)
  • Instead of just taking a single set meeting notes, effort should be made to document any discussions as Discourse threads as well to allow participation from those who couldn’t make it
  • Schedule ahead, if you want to hack with someone on a project, don’t expect them to show, but arrange in advance to attend the meeting at the same time
  • You don’t have to plan to meet at the start of the meeting and stay the full 2h if you only need 30 min, any time in the slot is fine
  • Add what and when you’ll be collaborating to the agenda (currently we’re using Meeting Hero and it’s working out, ping me if you need help figuring it out)
  • Of course you’re still welcome to use a different time entirely if the Sunday slot doesn’t work for you.
  • We have our own Vidyo room now, so we don’t have to worry about conflicting with any other meetings -

Let me know if you have feedback on this, or suggestions.


Please note, I got the UTC time wrong in my original post (has now been corrected) during standard time, the meeting is at 20 - 22 UTC. It will be at 19 - 21 UTC during daylight savings.

(Colin) #3

I’ve not seen any details of that being shared anywhere… so how do you use that?

Meeting Hero for notes