Message Filters and Filter Logs

Thunderbird 60.0b9

(1) If I try to apply message filters to a folder (in maildir format) that is missing some message files, the operation fails without any proper indication of what caused the problem.

(2) When I try to view the filter log, it shows up in a small window with a large font. I cannot read the log properly within Thunderbird, and there’s no indication of where to find the filterlog.html file. I found it by digging around, and it displays much better in a web browser.

(3) The “Match all” or “Match any” conditions don’t seem to be very flexible. For example, I haven’t found any way to specify that a rule should run if “sender is AND subject contains any of the following: dog, cat, hamster, goldfish.” I’d like to find a way to include a long list of phrases to match.


Actually I forgot to mention the larger problem (that led me to be looking at logs).

I have set up some rules with the action specified as “Move message to [folder]” or “Copy message to [folder]”. Some of the rules work as expected, but many of them are failing.

When they fail (during “get new mail” operation), the message shows up in the original destination and I can read it there. It is also listed in the specified move or copy destination, but when I click on it (in the specified destination), I get “File not found” error.

I haven’t found any pattern to explain which rules work correctly and which ones fail.

  1. does it happen with non-maildir accounts?
  2. What OS? What happens if you clear the log and let it build up again?
  3. can’t do it with the stock Thunderbird

It was on Windows 10. Sorry, didn’t test non-maildir because I wanted to use maildir.

I tried (and failed) to create a simple reproducible scenario [for my second post in this thread], but if someone is willing to troubleshoot, I can try to create an example on a virtual server that you can check via remote desktop.

For my own purposes I’ve downgraded to v52 (which showed a little bit of the same behavior with “move” but it is working well enough for me after substituting “copy” and “delete”.)

I don’t have the “broken” setup installed any more, but I’m pretty sure I cleared the log at some point during my testing and it didn’t change anything.