Where is "msgFilterRules.dat" file?

On Linux, what is the path to Thunderbird msgFilterRules.dat file(s)?

Why? Because this msgFilterRules.dat file(s) contains the configuration for my email filters/rules. I need to locate this file to export it, do periodic backups, and migrate my configuration to a new device, then import it.

I found it:

  • Linux

    /home/<LINUX USERNAME>/.thunderbird/<UNIQUE NUMBER>.default/ImapMail/imap.<EMAIL ACCOUNT>/msgFilerRules.dat

  • Windows

    <WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\<UNIQUE NUMBER>.default\ImapMail\imap.<EMAIL ACCOUNT>\msgFilerRules.dat

If your Thunderbird has multiple email accounts, you will have multiple msgFilerRules.dat files. One per account. In other words, one per <EMAIL ACCOUNT> folder.