Metropolis font repo missing

I was interested in the fonts that were used across Mozilla’s websites, which I found were listed here, and was interested in the Metropolis font. However it seems the Github repo for the font, of which is linked to on that page, is now gone (

Anyone know what happened to the font/repo? Has it moved? Is it available anywhere else?

I’ve sent the author an email to ask if he is aware of it.

Hey guys,

Scrooge McDuck (Jonathan Hoefler) came and intimidated me with his lawyer. Between that and belligerent PRs (VMware, I’m looking at you), I gave up, if only for now, and made the repo private. Happy for anyone to fork it and do what they want. Maybe if it didn’t have the name Metropolis, Hoefler would be less of an a$$ about it.


Release 11 of Metropolis has been mirrored by Fonts Arena
at, complete with sources, webfonts, and such.

@chrismsimpson: Thank you so much for all your hard work and I am really sorry this is all happening to you :frowning:

I would like to design a website with the font “Metropolis”. Is this possible and where can I get the font files legally?

@chrismsimpson Thank you for all your work and for mentioning here what happened. I added a link to your reply on Metropolis’ page at [thanks @atlantiszephyr for mentioning FontsArena, otherwise I wouldn’t have found this thread]

I’m very sorry this happened, and I hope things get sorted soon.

@bauhaus-design You can download Metropolis legally from FontsArena (see the link mentioned by @atlantiszephyr above).

I know this happened months back, and this recently I just found out about it. But I would like to ask about it for the sake of using Clarity City and/or Metropolis for web and mobile development, probably both for personal and commercial use.

The Github repo for Metropolis was made private by the author himself and is thus inaccessible. Just to clarify, what just happened? Is it because of the name “Metropolis” having in conflict with Monotype’s use of the name “Metropolis”?

Does that mean I cannot and should not use Metropolis for commercial purposes and it is not legal? (Would I now have legal problems using Metropolis?)

What about the Clarity City by VMware being based on Metropolis? Can I then use it for commercial and personal use without problems associated with Metropolis’ author and Monotype?

Thank you in advance for your or anyone’s as quick as possible response.

Justin, you certainly can use the open source release of ‘‘Clarity City’’, consistent with its OFL license, from GitHub, just like the company VMware does.

You can also use the ‘‘Metropolis’’ release, consistent with its OFL license, at, just like the Mozilla Foundation does.