Migrating Z-Wave Adapters

Is there an easy way to migrate to a new Z-Wave adapter?

I just bought a Gen 7 Aeotec adapter and wanted to swap it out for my Gen 5 to troubleshoot some issues with a Kwikset Door Lock.

I wonder if the Gen 7 is supported by WebThings yet? Reading the page AEOTEC published comaring Gen 5 and Gen 7 they indicate there are differences and reference a compatibility chart. Alas, WebThings platform is not tested.

See: https://aeotec.com/z-wave-usb-stick/z-stick-7-vs-z-stick-gen5.html

It doesn’t look like it…

2021-06-04 15:08:52.183 INFO   : zwave-adapter: DEBUG config = ''
2021-06-04 15:08:52.222 INFO   : zwave-adapter: Closing database
2021-06-04 15:08:53.021 INFO   : zwave-adapter: Found ZWave port @ /dev/ttyUSB0
2021-06-04 15:08:53.033 INFO   : zwave-adapter: Found NetworkKey, initializing with support for Security Devices
2021-06-04 15:08:53.038 INFO   : zwave-adapter: Initialising OpenZWave 1.6.0 binary addon for Node.JS.
2021-06-04 15:08:53.041 INFO   : zwave-adapter: 	OpenZWave Security API is ENABLED
2021-06-04 15:08:53.045 INFO   : zwave-adapter: 	ZWave device db    : /home/pi/.webthings/addons/zwave-adapter/openzwave/config
2021-06-04 15:08:53.048 INFO   : zwave-adapter: 	User settings path : /home/pi/.webthings/data/zwave-adapter
2021-06-04 15:08:53.051 INFO   : zwave-adapter: 	Option Overrides : --SaveConfiguration true --ConsoleOutput false --NetworkKey 0x0f,0x0a,0x0d,0x0e,0x0d,0x0e,0x0a,0x0f,0x01,0x02,0x03,0x04,0x05,0x06,0x07,0x10
2021-06-04 15:09:03.175 INFO   : zwave-adapter: failed to start driver

I’m not a ZWave expert, but:

  • found this port that may apply: Allow other Zwave controllers to work

  • zwave requires a NetworkKey that, I belive, must be synchronized both on the controller and SW. Forget how this is initially initialized during installation on the controller right now.

The following URL includes a section: Device Database, supposedly showing what devices are supported by openzwave specified in XML files. Something to poke aroud to verify if Gen 7 is supported.

May be someone else from WebThings will eventually chime in…

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Thanks for the info. It looks like Gen 7 support is on the roadmap for OpenZWave but hasn’t yet been released.