Missing info from budget requests?

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What info do you find helpful on budget requests that you wish was included more often?

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The key factor for a quick Council review is to have a good mentor review, so always work with your mentor in advance.

When a budget is moved for Council approval we get an email to review it (3 days) and then another one for voting (3 days more), so minimum 6 days for a decision.

If the mentor and mentee don’t provide enough information on the bug is almost impossible to do a review in time and we will vote No because of this.

So for me when a budget comes to Council it should include:

  • Goals, what do we want to get out of this event, how is this going to support Mozilla goals?
  • Budget breakdown: How many people are we covering? Who?
  • If travel costs, why is needed?

Also be aware of the scale of the program, asking 2000$ for a local mozcoffe is not the best thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:


The most helpful information on a budget is always an explanation of the services/expenses that are being included on the budget, most of times we see expenses that doesn’t make too much sense for us, and we make questions about it to the Reps so we can clear those doubts, some times Reps might feel pressured to get their budget approved because the event date is closing by, but the Council must be completely agree with all the budget expenses in order to approve it, in case of doubt we vote NO.

If your event is a recurring event (happening every year) then it would be great to have feedback on how your event went the last year, what goals did you manage to archive and what plans do you have this year to make it better, BIG events with BIG budgets require BIG goals and BIG metrics.

Also remember that once a budget request is sent to the Council it takes us 6 days to take a decision, during those 6 days we might make a few questions about the budget, so providing as much documentation as possible is a key element for us, don’t wait until the last 72 hours to provide information to the Council that should have been there on the budget from the start.

As Nukeador said, if we are providing travel/lodging to someone, we would like to know who this is, a link to their Mozillians profile is enough :smile:

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Impact Blurb - the problem you are solving, or the value your event will add. I know we have metrics, but I actually since you used the world wish would like Reps to better understand what projects need, and how their budgets impact that. And a quick ‘impact’ blurb would be awesome.