More than one panel contemporary on the screen (useful for example with multi-monitor configurations))

(Luca) #1

On very large displays and above all in multi-monitor configurations, could be very useful to have not only Developer Tools into a separate window (to place it syde-by-side to browser) but maybe also to display more than one of its panels at the time.

For example, imagine to have the website on the primary monitor and then multiple panes of Developer Tools onto secondary one.

I tried to imagine a possible (mockup) solution in this image:

It could be very useful to have many panels (also more than 4) contemporary to avoid need of continuous switch. For example, copy&paste new CSS file and in the same time can view updated style into inspector

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

I work with different monitor and I think that can be an interesting idea.

(Julian Descottes) #3

@pbrosset made a prototype for this!

(Luca) #4

I’m sorry, maybe I did not understand… I tried and Shift+Click does nothing… did you mean that there already was a prototype or it should be already available?

(Julian Descottes) #5

Ah sorry if that was unclear, as I said it is just a prototype at the moment.
I don’t know if @pbrosset filed a bug to properly implement this feature ?

(Luca) #6

Ok, sincerely I would prefer behaviour of Firefox Tabs to detach one from current window and make it floating to a new one. I would apply the same behaviour to Developer Tools tabs

(Patrick Brosset) #7

Yes indeed this was just a prototype. There is a patch for it attached on this bug though. It’s a really simple change that should be fairly straightforward to rebase if we wanted something like this.

@ldetomi’s idea is a good one too, certainly more flexible. We would still need some kind of a toolbox container where the new floating tabs would be arranged in I guess.

(Luca) #8

@pbrosset yes, I agree with you. I made example of a multimonitor configuration but obviously this could have benefits also in single-monitor ones, especially on very large screens.

Manage efficiently panes arrange is not obvious because in my example I sketch a basic example with 4 panes placed on a matrix but for example there could be 3 or 5 panes, maybe 2 in a left column and one taller on the right one. Or again… 3 panes side-by-side each filling 33% of horizontal screen width.

There is a nice JS plugin that allow various panes placement and arrangement. It’s called Golden Layout. I think that (apart technology) its behaviour could be the perfect solution for flexibilty, don’t you think?

(Luca) #9

Hello, after almost 100 days, are there any news about this topic?